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Jul 10th

Raining outside? Make it a spa day!

It’s summer in Saigon, that means it’s spa season.

There are two main seasons in Ho Chi Minh City: the rainy and the dry. During the rainy-monsoon season (from May to November) downpours are expected to happen nearly every afternoon.

Some days it rains very little, some days it can rain most of the day. This is because Saigon is just 10 degrees north of the Equator making it a typical humid tropical climate.

So if you are asking yourself what do if it’s monsoon rain outside, why not make it a spa day?

My Spa offers many different spa packages and treatments to help you relax and recover from your travels or your work week.

Or, enjoy 90 minute full-body hot stone massage with cool cucumber facial. This treatment can also be enjoyed in a 60 or 120 minute session.

Whichever treatment or treatments you choose you will feel refreshed and renewed, just as the city feels after a warm summer rain.