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Oct 1st

10% Discount | Jet Lag Relief Package

Enjoy a 10% discount our 3-hour Jet Lag Relief package!

Most everyone who travels overseas by jet will experience jet lag at one time or another.

When traveling across a number of time zones, the body clock gets outt of synchronization with the destination time, as it experiences daylight and darkness contrary to the rhythms to which it has grown accustomed: the body’s natural pattern is upset, as the rhythms that dictate times for eating, sleeping, hormone regulation and body temperature variations no longer correspond to the environment nor to each other in some cases.

Help your body, mind and soul realign its natural rhythm with our jet lag package. Our stimulating Jet Lag Relief package includes  full-body treatments lasting 3 hours that will increase circulation and well-being. It includes a 90 minute Full Body Hot Stone Massage and 90 minute Anti Aging Collagen treatment  Facial.

Normally the Jet Lag Relief package is 1,160,000 VND. But you save 116,000 VND with this special October discount.

Please, limit one discount per customer. Offer good during the business hours of 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Monday-Friday. RSVP required. Please mention this discount when making your reservation.

This offer expires October 31, 2016